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Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

Lifetime Partner

Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was established in January of 2007 as the first foreign market of Dai-ichi Life Group, and now becomes one of market lead of Life Insurance industry in Vietnam.

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Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

Alternative Distribution Sales Support Assistant Manager


Job Description

** RYP Collection:

  • Leading & working directly team of RYP collection; working with partners, sales forces & other relative department to maintain & increase the ratio RYP collection
  • Responsible for RYP of active partners & inactive partners:
     - Coordinate to partners & relative departments on building report of RYP collection
     - Deliver/ update report to partners, sales forces…
     - Follow up & push RYP collection
     - Organize the RYP collection team: remining premium, support agent, sales forces to reinstate lapse policy
     - Coordinate on handling customer complain of collection.
     - Organize contests of RYP collection

** Recruitment Support team

  • Looking for/ finding candidates of agent/IS/IS/SM/PSM to introduce to AD head or sales force leaders.
     - Build & manage recruitment tool (join recruitment website & other sources)
     - Support on process of agent recruitment
  • Supporting training course (FFS & AFS)
     - Coordinate to ADT & ADA on holding training courses
     - Implement training process in accordance with company rules & Mof regulation
     - Register, combine class, clear pending cases
     - Instruct candidates, new agents

** Operation Support team

Including 2 tasks of sales support:

1. Policy delivery

  • Coordinate to OP to deliver the issued policy to partner & sales force
  • Organize tasks & process effectively to assure the timing
  • Manage process to reduce risks & losing policy
  • Coordinate to other department on handling complain

2. Sales material/printing

  • Coordinate to other departments on implementing process of purchasing sales gift, document, printing products ….
  • Manage stock
  • Plan & deliver gifts on time to customer seminar, events…

** Supporting other activities of ADS.

Job Requirements

  • Graduated from University. (preferable economic, administration)
  • Over 5 years experiences in life insurance. In which, over 3 years experience in role of management/ supervisor operational team or sales support.
  • Management skill
  • Leading team to archive the common goal
  • Good at Word, Excel
  • Communication, Negotiation and Problem solving skill
  • Can use English
  • Team work.
  • Positive attitude & handle stress
  • Problem solving & negotiation skills.
  • Oriented manner of accuracy and orderness.

 ** System requirement

  • Ingenium
  • PIP
  • Referral
  • AD Portal
  • Epayment

Additional Information

2019-05-31 USD

About Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

After 11 years of operations, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has grown up more than ten times in terms of total premiums, affirming its position among the leading life insurance companies in Vietnam with solid and sustainable development. Especially in 2017, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has risen to the top three in the market in terms of new premium revenue worth more than 3,600 billion dong, while earning total premium revenue of over 8,000 billion dong and reaching 12% market share. The company is serving 2 million Vietnamese customers through more than 1,200 staff, 70,500 financial consultants. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is proud to hold the 3rd position in terms of customer service network with more than 260 offices and general agencies covering 63 cities and provinces nationwide.

On November 30th, 2017, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam obtained the approval from the Ministry of Finance for the 6th increase of capital up to 5,400 billion dong (approximately USD 256 million). With this capital increase, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam becomes one of the top life insurance companies in terms of capitalization in Vietnam market, demonstrating the company’s solid financial strength and its commitment to being a “Lifetime partner” of Vietnamese customers.

On January 17th, 2018, at the Reunification Hall of Ho Chi Minh City, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam (Dai-ichi Life Vietnam) solemnly organized the Awarding Ceremony of the Third Class Labour Medal, granted by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for its excellent achievement to the economic development of Vietnam as well as its significant community contribution, especially in the CSR campaign to support poor patients during the past years.

Not only striving in business, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam also paid great concern and care for  social and charitable activities. Based on the criteria “Social activities must be from the heart and bringing realistic values for the people”, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has so far pioneered and initiated various impactful philanthropy and community projects with the contribution of more than 22 billion dong, such as its annual blood donation, charity eyes surgery program, granting scholarships and warm jackets to disadvantaged pupils, granting life policies to kindergarten teachers, providing relief to families suffering disaster, etc. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honorably granted the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by Asia Insurance Review for two times, the 1st time in the year of 2013 with the project “For A Better Life” – providing clean drinking water for more than 24,000 pupils in the rural provinces of Vietnam, and the 2nd time in November 2015 with the project “Million bricks for a happy life”- building 10 bridges in the rural areas of Vietnam.

On June 2nd, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honored to be the only life insurer in Vietnam winning the “Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards” 2017, organised regionally by Enterprise Asia. This noble accolade highlights the company’s outstanding social responsibilities through its various community activities, together with its establishment of “For A Better Life” CSR Foundation in August 2016 to continue the mission of improving the living standard for the Vietnamese people.

On March 22nd, 2017, following the survey conducted by Anphabe career network and Nielsen global marketing research firm, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was proud to be ranked 4th “Vietnam Best Places To Work” 2016 award in both life and non-life insurance sector, and ranked 36th among Top 100 “Vietnam Best Places To Work” across industries, affirming the company’s success in recruiting, training and developing high-quality man power in order to build a solid foundation for sustainable growth in Vietnam.

Besides, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam honourably received the prize “Top 100 Golden Star Brand 2015”, “Trusted Brand” for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, “Top 50 famous Brands 2014”, “Typical Commercial & Service Business” in 2010, 2013, 2016, "Best Life Insurance Company" at the Golden Dragon Award for 9 consecutive years 2008-2016. These national prestigious awards have demonstrated exceptional achievements of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam in the market, as well as its realistic contributions to the economic growth of Vietnam.

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